Sunday, August 23, 2009

Slow Feed Bowls

We recently started carrying these Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowls made by JW Pet Products. I decided to buy one for Clipper and boy does it work great!! Clipper is always very excited about his mealtimes and gobbles up everything in his bowl in a matter of seconds but this bowl really slowed him down! It's great for those dogs that bolt their food and it helps to prevent indigestion and bloat. The price for this Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl is also significantly lower than the price for other bowls designed for the same purpose.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Dog Pyramids Are Finally Here!!

We finally got the Dog Pyramids back in stock!! Anyone who has seen Clipper in action with this toy in the store knows it's clearly his favorite (well second favorite after his old Loopie he sleeps with every night-Lol)! This toy can be stuffed with treats or dry kibble that fall out when the toy is hit or moved. Because it is weighted at the bottom it always self rights to a vertical position. The Dog Pyramid will literally keep your dog stimulated and entertained for hours! We've got plenty in stock but they sell fast so stop by the store or order one from our website today!!